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Success Stories

  • I have had this UDS for 3 years and never could get it to work the way everyone said it would work. I had to baby sit it for hours adjusting air flow all the time. Temps would spike and dip, it just sucked. I put the pitmaster on it and 8 hrs later walked out to look at it to make sure it had a solid green light and walked back into the house.

  • pitmasterIQ congratulates Sterling Smith of Loot N' Booty BBQ for winning Grand Champion at the 2014 Sam's Club National BBQ Tour Region 4 Local Event in Tucson, AZ on March 22, 2014!

  • Your product made 12 hours of smoking an 8 lb pastrami a BREEZE. Thanks to the steady temp it took less than time than it normally would to come up to just the right spot. I didn't have to fight it AT ALL. Since this was an overnight smoke, you guys actually let me get sleep! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  • Congratulations to Scott Lane and all team members of Team Miss Piggy's of the British BBQ Society for their Reserve Grand Champion at Mayhem in May!!!


  • The IQ110 was reviewed by the Hot Grill on Grill Action competition barbecue team. These guys were on TLC's BBQ Pitmasters show and all three judges, including Myron Mixon, loved their pork butt! They know what they're doing!

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