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How-To Cooking Videos for your pitmasterIQ Automatic Barbecue Controllers

Stuffed Jalapeno Bacon Wrapped Fattie
How to make a Stuffed Jalapeno Bacon Wrapped Fattie - A fattie is a stuffed sausage roll. This is the most delicious fattie I have ever made! Pork sausage is rolled out, filled with cream cheese and parmesan stuffed jalapenos, rolled up and wrapped with bacon! It was so juicy, juice squirted out when sliced into! It was cooked indirect on a Weber kettle controlled by a pitmasterIQ IQ120 Automatic Barbecue Controller for precise temperature control. Cherry smoke wood was added for flavor. Do yourself and yours a solid and make one of these soon!

Smoked Ham
In this video John from shows you how to smoke your ham on a Weber kettle. A 16 pound ham is cooked at precisely 300 degress thanks to the IQ110 Automatic BBQ Temperature Controller. A glaze, pineapples and cherries are added during the last hour for a delicious smokey bark!

St. Louis Style Ribs
Check out this video to see low and slow automatic temperature control on the Weber Smokey Mountain using an IQ110. St. Louis Style spare ribs are cooked at 225 F for 6 hours in single digit temperatures, windy, snowy, and sleeting conditions unattended!!!! This "blizzard" shut down I-70 across most of Missouri, only 2 miles from the cook, during the middle of the cook!

Smoked Turkey
Learn how to cook turkey on a Weber Kettle. A one-sided indirect fire is built and the kettle's temperature is controlled by the IQ110 Automatic Temperature Controller.