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pitmasterIQ Automatic Barbecue Controller Installation Videos

Installing the IQ120 on a Gateway Drum Smoker
In this video we install an IQ120 on a Gateway Drum Smoker. Gateway Drum Smokers are the most beautiful Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) you will ever see! The air intakes work perfectly for connecting to an IQ's air hose using only a washer. Since the video was made, we determined that the aluminum tape shown in the video was blocking the infrared heat transfer from the fire and causing the IQ and the Can to read different.

Backwoods Smoker Adapter
This video shows how to install the Backwoods Smoker adapter for the IQ110 and IQ120. It is installed without tools in just seconds.

Chargriller Akorn in the Ring of Fire
An IQ110 is used to automatically control the cooking temperature for low and slow smoking. The Ring of Fire method charcoal method is demonstrated.

Big Green Egg
This video shows how the pitmasterIQ I 110 is installed on ceramic cookers such as the Big Green Egg and Primo Kamado.

Weber Kettle
Demonstrated is the installation of the IQ110 Automatic Temperature Controller on the Weber Kettle. Also shown is the fire building method based on Kingsford Competition Charcoal and Weber Starter Cubes.

Weber Smokey Mountain
This video shows how to use's IQ110 automatic temperature controller on a Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5" charcoal smoker and an ideal way to start the WSM 22.