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pitmasterIQ smartphone app qSmart for the IQ130

qSmart is the FREE smartphone app used to connect to your IQ130.  It is presently available in the Google Play Store and the Apple store.

The qSmart app was modeled after the iGrill app with the goal being to make it as simple as possible to use.  After the app is installed, run it and click the wrench in the upper right to set the 4-digit passcode.  Make this unique so your neighbor can't connect to your IQ!  Now set the IQ's Bluetooth passcode from its parameter menu to match (see the IQ manual for this).

At this point click on the scanner icon to see a list of connectible devices.  Click on the device you wish to connect to.  If you have multiple IQ130s, you switch back and forth using this method.

Future qSmart versions will automatically update on your smart device and will include:

  • iOS support
  • Graphing
  • Data capture
  • Recipes
  • Simplified IQ setup - choose your pit from a list and qSmart will optimize your IQ's programming for your pit!
  • Auto food alarm values based on meat type
  • And much more!

The following pics tell the rest of the story!


Click on the scanner icon to see if any IQ130s are around.  Click on the one you want to connect to.  Note that the 4-digit passcode must match the one entered into the IQ.

Basic View is the default.  Green status LED indicates you are connected to the IQ.  Pit setpoint, pit temp and both food temps are displayed.

Click on the device name to change it.

Swipe right to see the Detail View where everything is displayed.  Any parameter can be changed just by clicking on it!

Swipe down to see the rest of Detail View.

Click on a food probe to change its name.

Detail View showing custom names.

Swipe left to go back to Basic View.