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pitmasterIQ Automatic BBQ Controller Usage Videos

Temperature Variation Inside a Weber Smokey Mountain
In this video, we instrument a Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) 22.5" smoker with a 5-channel thermocouple data logger to learn how temperature varies inside of it. A pitmasterIQ IQ120 is used to control the cooking temperature, and a Maverick ET-732 is thrown into the mix. The results are very surprising! Watch this video to Q SMART!

IQ120 Programming
In this video pitmasterIQ shows you how to use the IQ120's intuitive user interface to program the food temperature alarm to alert you when your food is done! All other parameters are discussed too including automatically changing the cooking temperature to hold the food once it is done cooking!

IQ120 Basic Operation
In this video pitmasterIQ demonstrates the basic operation of the IQ120. Right out of the box, it is as easy to use as the IQ110. It is designed to operate like the IQ110 - all you have to do is plug in the pit probe and power, turn the knob to the desired cooking temperature and push the knob to lock it in. Done. The display will switch to showing actual pit temperature and food temperature too if the food probe is being used.

IQ110 "Max Blow" Feature for Air Hungry BBQ Pits
Since April 2012 the pitmasterIQ IQ110 has been shipping with software version 1.6 or later. A feature called "Max Blow" can be enabled with a special sequence at power-on. Max Blow disables "lid off" detection and operates the blower at its maximum speed for air-hungry pits. Watch this video to see how Max Blow is enabled.

IQ110 Generation II Adjustable Intake Damper
This video deomonstrates the new IQ110's adjustable intake damper. Five settings are available to help control air flow for smaller pits and pits that require small amounts of combustion air.

Rain Box
Build this simple box to protect your sensitive electronic devices from the elements when barbecuing. Keeps your meat probe thermometers and automatic temperature controllers dry while still allowing visibilty to them.

Why Bother With Automatic Temperature Control For Your BBQ Pit/Smoker?

This video explains how you can cook better barbecue than your favorite BBQ joint. The secret most important ingredient in BBQ is revealed!

About The IQ110
This video explains the features and operation of the IQ110 by

IQ120 Unboxing by pitmasterIQ
In this video we unbox an IQ120 kit so you can see what it comes with. Please watch the Basic Operation video next and then the Programming video after that. Thanks for watching!

Walmart Get-On-The-Shelf Submission Video
This video presents the IQ110 to the Wal-Mart "Get On The Shelf" audience in hopes of getting votes and eventually on Wal-Mart's shelf!!!