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pitmasterIQ Comparison Tables

People are always asking: "How does the pitmasterIQ compare to the BBQ Guru?"  The IQ110, IQ120 and IQ130 all differ from the BBQ Guru PartyQ, DigiQ and CyberQ because they are fully integrated Automatic Barbecue Controllers.  pitmasterIQ owns the patent on integrating a variable speed blower with the control electronics and delivering the air to the fire with a heavy duty rubber tube.  This takes all the guess work out of how to choose a blower.  And it protects the blower from heat and dirt.  Our variable speed blower automatically adjusts to your cooker's air demand, delivering between 5 and 15 CFM as needed.


The IQ110 is our most affordable and easiest-to-use automatic barbecue temperature control.  It has a single control knob which is set to the temperature you wish to cook at.  A temperature sensing probe is clipped to the cooking grate in the Weber Grill, Big Green Egg, Weber Smokey Mountain, Gateway Drum Smoker, Assassin Smoker, Stumps Smoker, Myron Mixon Smoker, etc.  The blower is pulsed on and off and its speed varied to maintain the set temperature automatically!  A red/green LED indicates when the cooking temperature is in range, too cold, or too hot. Image of the IQ110 Automatic Barbecue Controller made by pitmasterIQ.
Our IQ120 takes the IQ110 up a couple of notches.  It adds a digital display and food probe.  The display gives exact cooking and food temperatures.  The analog control of the IQ110 is replaced by a digital encoder to set desired cooking temperature and many other parameters include Food Done alarms and programmable cooking temperature changes. Image of the IQ120 Automatic Barbecue Temperature Controller made by pitmasterIQ.
The IQ130 blows up the feature list by including a second food probe and Smartphone connectivity.  It uses a long range, Bluetooth Low Energy module to hook up with qSmart, our free simple-to-use app, to make remote monitoring and control a breeze!  Program an alarm to let you know when your food is done and your Smartphone wakes you from napping on the couch!  Now THAT's how to smoke meat in the 21st century! Image of the IQ130 Automatic Barbecue Controller made by pitmasterIQ.


Comparison table for the pitmasterIQ Automatic Barbecue Controller product line.

Table comparing the BBQ Guru PartyQ to the pitmasterIQ IQ110.

Table comparing the BBQ Guru DigiQ to the pitmasterIQ IQ120.

Table comparing the BBQ Guru CyberQ to the pitmasterIQ IQ130.