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pitmasterIQ IQ110 Kit

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The IQ110 is our most affordable and easiest-to-use automatic barbecue temperature control.  It has a single control knob which is set to the temperature you wish to cook at.  A temperature sensing probe is clipped to the cooking grate in the Weber Grill, Big Green Egg, Weber Smokey Mountain, Gateway Drum Smoker, Assassin Smoker, Stumps Smoker, Myron Mixon Smoker, etc.  The blower is pulsed on and off and its speed varied to maintain the set temperature automatically!  A red/green LED indicates when the cooking temperature is in range, too cold, or too hot.
  • Repeatable. Imagine telling the "better half" that the meat will be done in 4 hours.  And then it is!
  • Keeps cooking temperature within 5°F of set point
  • Super accurate platinum RTD temperature sensor good to 0.2%
  • 72" long temperature cable 
  • Set it and forget it
  • Precise temperature control with a single setting
  • Installs on the Weber Kettle or Smokey Mountain without tools in under 1 minute
  • Everything included
  • 5 CFM to 15 CFM Variable Speed Blower automatically adjusts air flow to cooker’s   air demand
  • No more trying to figure out what blower size to use
  • No cooker modifications necessary

Here's a table comparing features of the pitmasterIQ IQ110 to the BBQ Guru PartyQ:


Table comparing the pitmaster IQ110 to the BBQ Guru PartyQ

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