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Barbecue Related Links

pitmasterIQ BBQ is now cooking on Gateway Drum Smokers and RipTangle Smokers!  
Check them out here:

Gateway Drum Smokers

RipTangle Smokers

Gateway Drum Smoker RipTangle Smoker


 Book by Hot Grill on Grill Action from BBQ Revolution

Competition BBQ book by our friends Hot Grill on Grill Action.  Awesome recipes and tips for any BBQ pitmaster! These guys were on BBQ Pitmasters!


This is a free cookbook of fun stuff to cook on the grill.  It is where I got the smoked meatloaf recipe:


Meathead and His Meat Scientists know everything about meat!


The Naked Wiz has the most comprehensive reviews of charcoal in the entire universe!


These guys have the best website for cooking on grills and are truly Grilln' Fools!


Lots of info and a fun way to surf BBQ websites.


Consult your BBQ Brethren for all things BBQ.


Kansas City Barbeque Society


St. Louis BBQ Society