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Battery Pack

Posted by chris kennington on

1) Get two "4 D Battery Holders". 

2) Wire these in series (black of pack 1 to red of pack 2) to produce 12 volts (8 x 1.5 volts per battery = 12v). 

3) Wire the positive (red) of pack 1 to the center terminal of a "Size M Coaxial DC Power Plug".  

4) Wire the negative (black) of pack 2 to the outer terminal of the power plug. 

This will run the IQ for several long cooks.  I got 6 long cooks out of mine before I stopped testing it.  Use rechargeable D cells to save money. 

Note that soldering is required to join the wires together and to the power plug.  Use heat shrink or electrical tape over all electrical connections.

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