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Installation on the Weber Gold and Performer Products

Posted by chris kennington on

Installing the IQ 110 Automatic BBQ Temperature Controller on the Weber Gold and Performer Products Without Removing the Ash Catcher Hardware


NOTE:  The Performer Kettle has an attachment for a propane bottle.  The propane bottle MUST be removed from the kettle and stored in a safe location while modifying the kettle and using the IQ to regulate temperature.  The charcoal should be started with a paraffin cube as shown in the usage video.

Normally, the IQ110 is installed onto a kettle with ash-catcher hardware in the same way as it is installed on a Silver.  To do this, the ash catcher hardware must first be removed.  This is easily done and no tools are required.  Once removed, the Standard Manifold attaches to one of the oblong slots in the bottom and the other two are taped up as shown in the installation video on the videos  page.

It is possible to install the Standard Manifold to the kettle without removing the ash-catcher hardware.  To do this, one must drill a 1/2" conduit hole (7/8" hole saw) in the kettle down low and near the front using the Standard Manifold's 1/4" mounting hole as a hole location guide.  By making this 7/8", a metal conduit hole plug can be used to cover the hole should the Standard Manifold be removed.  Remember to keep the air injection point well below the level of the charcoal grate.  The Standard Manifold toggle bolt is then placed through the hole.  The hi-temp tape is not used in this case as the One-Touch vents are kept closed.  When the IQ is not in use, the hose barb can be capped off using the included Kill Plug.  The following pictures tell the story:



 Here the IQ110 is shown with the Standard Manifold attached to the 7/8" hole bored in the lower part of the kettle.  
Another view showing the Standard Manifold attached with the ash-catcher hardware left intact.
A close-up...
This view shows the inside of the kettle, with the front of the kettle at the bottom of the picture.  The center of the hole has been drilled about 1.5" past the reach of the One-Touch damper vane, allowing complete rotation of the One-Touch damper without interference of the mounting bolt toggle nut.  The One-Touch vent is shown closed, the correct position for control by the iQ.

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