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pitmasterIQ - Automatic Barbecue Controllers for Charcoal Meat Smoking!

IQ110 Automatic Barbecue Controller
IQ120 Automatic Barbecue Controller with Digital Display
IQ130 Automatic BBQ Controller with Smartphone Control
IQ110 on a Weber Kettle
What is an Automatic BBQ Controller?
An Automatic BBQ Controller is a microprocessor controlled fan to feed oxygen to the fire and regulate cooking temperature!
In Case of Fire, Exit Building Before Tweeting About It
Does it work on gas grills?
No! It precisely controls lump charcoal, charcoal briquettes, or wood fires by regulating oxygen to the fuel. Starving a gas grill of oxygen can cause a build up of gas resulting in an explosion!
Weber kettle needing constant vent adjustment without IQ
Why an Automatic Barbecue Controller?
Properly smoked, juicy meat requires control over the cooking temperature. Many factors such as wind, temperature, precipitation, charcoal remaining, etc. affect cooking temperature, requiring constant vent adjustment.  An Automatic Barbecue Controller compensates for these variables and provides a stable cooking temperature!
Alton Brown and his IQ110 on his famous Weber Kettle, Fireball
Does the famous Food Network star Alton Brown use an IQ?
Yes! The IQ110 was featured in Alton Brown's "Good Eats" BBQ special "Right on Q". Here's a link to the show. He also blogged about it. Here is a link to his evaluation.  Best of all, he made a short video about it! Here's a link to it.
IQ110 Automatic Barbecue Controller on a Gateway Drum Smoker
Do IQs work better for low-and-slow or hot-and-fast cooking?
Either. "pitmasterIQ BBQ" has won categories and contests using an IQ on our Rebel gravity feed smoker cooking at 225˚F, but now we're winning on our Gateway Drum Smokers running our IQs at 300˚F.
Steak searing over a charcoal chimney
Will it help me sear my steaks?
Sort of.  The IQ needs to be able to control air flow to regulate temperature, so the lid needs to be on.  But, try this Smokey Seared Steak recipe where we smoke the steak for a bit then sear it over a charcoal chimney! 
qSmart smartphone app connected with an IQ130
How can I 'que without getting up from my couch?
With our smartphone controlled IQ130 and our FREE qSmart app of course!
pitmasterIQ BBQ with Grand Champion trophy
Is the IQ technology better for competition pitmasters or backyard pitmasters?
Both competition and backyard pitmasters benefit from a stable cooking temperature in order to produce a consistent product that is done right and done on time. Either way, you'll be a winner!
pitmasterIQ and BBQ Guru comparison image
What brand of Automatic Barbecue Controller should I buy?
We offer the only patented, all-in-one, fully integrated Automatic BBQ Controller. The thick, temperature and impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure houses our variable speed blower to deliver air to the fire through a heavy duty, corrugated rubber tube that protects the blower from heat and dirt! Here's a link to a pitmasterIQ vs. BBQ Guru comparison table.
Alton Brown's Intro to the IQ!